ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus: Get up to 10,000,000 Ksh!

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus: Get Up to Ksh 10,000,000!

With the ChezaCash Power Jackpot bonus, Kenyan players can get up to 10,000,000 Ksh if they win the 17 games that are included in the ChezaCash bonus. Moreover, this is an offer that can be used by all registered members of ChezaCash. Learn more about this bonus offer and what you need to do to be eligible for the grand prize from this review.

Get up to 10,000,000 Ksh

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ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus December, 2021

ChezaCash has already gained a reputation for being a sportsbook in Kenya with competitive odds. However, there are other reasons why Kenyan players register with this operator. One of them is the ChezaCash Power Jackpot bonus. Take a look at the table below to learn more useful information about this bonus promotion:

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus DetailsDescription ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus

Lucky Goal
Get up to KES 750,000

Soccer Jackpot – Over / Under 2.5
Get up to KES 150,000

Soccer Jackpot – Both Team to Score
Win up to KES 150,000

Mega Jackpot
Get up to KES 500,000

Also, it’s important to point out that this is the current Jackpot amount. The Jackpot amount changes regularly at this sportsbook.

What Is The ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus?

Any punter at ChezaCash can participate in the bonuses. All they need is a verified account with at least KES 20 in the balance.

Participating in the jackpot is simple. First, register an account at ChezaCash. If you already have one, then log in. Choose which of the four jackpots to participate in.

In the jackpot menu, select the result you predict for each match fixture. You must select at least one option for all the fixtures. You can try and make educated guesses based on the information you have. Or you can simply choose at random and leave it up to luck. In fact, there is a ‘Quick Pick’ option that will do random picks for you.

After that, pay KES 20.00 for the entry and confirm your wager.

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus

The terms and conditions of the bonuses are not too strict.

  • Players can purchase as many tickets for the Lucky Goal as they want
  • A set of predictions cannot be edited after they are confirmed. If a punter wants to change their prediction, they must make a new prediction wager from scratch.
  • The betting closes at the end of the scheduled period. If the first match of the fixture starts before the end of that period, betting will close when it does.
  • Any bets made after the first match in the jackpot has started are invalid. Players will be issued a refund.
  • Winnings will be paid out after all the fixture results are published. If there is an issue and one of the results is invalid, then the jackpot is also invalid. All participants will be refunded.
  • If a match is cancelled, the entire jackpot predictions are nullified. All wagers made will be refunded.
  • If multiple people win the jackpot, the winnings will be divided equally between them.

Lucky Goal Jackpot

In this jackpot, punters must predict the number of goals scored by both teams combined. There are 10 matches and each match fixture has 7 options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6+. That means there are over 282 million possible combinations of results.

The fixtures are typically chosen by hand by ChezaCash’s bookies. They choose close matches that are challenging to predict. Fortunately, there is a bonus that will help players. The first three games each day are free. All registered punters get KES 60.00 worth of free entries into this jackpot.

  • Maximum Payout: KES 750,000
  • Cost of Entry: KES 20.00
  •  Number of Fixtures: 10

All registered punters at ChezaCash can claim this jackpot.

Chezacash lucky goal jackpot

Soccer Jackpot – Over 2.5

In the Over 2.5 Soccer Jackpot, players must predict the number of total goals once again. However, this bet is simpler. It is about predicting whether the goal will be above 2.5 or below 2.5. Since football goals can only be whole numbers, there are only two possible options to bet on.

Only goals made in real time, the full 90 minutes of the match, are counted. Previous results and bets can be viewed using the tabs.

There are 12 predictions to make. This jackpot pays out up to KSH 150,000 only, but it is also easier to win. There are only 4096 possibilities.

  • Maximum Payout: KES 150,000
  • Cost of Entry: KES 40.00
  • Number of Fixtures: 12

This jackpot is open to all punters at ChezaCash. To bet on it, you must first deposit some money into your account. Then you can wager KES 40.00 to enter.

chezacash soccer jackpot

Soccer Jackpot – Both Team to Score

In Football, scoring goals is tough in general. A lot of games end with a 0-0 tie or 1-0 win. It is not actually very common for both teams to score a goal. That’s why this bet is worth wagering on.

There are only two options to pick here, just like the Over / Under 2.5 jackpot: ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. There are also 12 matches.

  • Maximum Payout: KES 150,000
  • Cost of Entry: KES 40.00
  • Number of Fixtures: 12
chezacash btts jackpot

Mega Jackpot

Despite its name, the Mega Jackpot is not actually the biggest one. It pays out KES 500,000 and involves the simplest bet: match winner. Players can get a double chance bonus on 7 picks out of 17.

To win this, punters try to predict the winner of 17 match fixtures in total. Each one is a fixture that is predicted to be close. There are three options – two for each team winning and a third to denote a draw.

Fortunately, punters don’t actually have to get every single one of the 17 correct to win something. For example, if they get 15 of the predictions correct, they will get a second runner-up prize of KSH 2,000. If they get 16 predictions correctly, their runner-up compensation prize will be KSH 20,000.

  • Maximum Payout: KES 500,000
  • Cost of Entry: KES 20.00
  •  Number of Fixtures: 17
chezacash mega jackpot

ChezaCash Power Jackpot

Before applying for the ChezaCash Power Jackpot bonus, all players should be familiar with the offer’s Terms and Conditions. Here is what you need to know:

  • This offer is reserved for all members of ChezaCash.
  • The maximum amount that the players can receive from this bonus is 10,000,000 Ksh
  • Additionally, to win the Power Jackpot, players must make a correct guess on 17 games. 
  • Furthermore, there will be special rewards for players who make 15 and 16 correct predictions
  • Each ticket for the ChezaCash Power Jackpot costs 1 Ksh.
  • Also, there is a special bonus for players with all 17 wrong predictions. 

Power Jackpot bonus is a deposit bonus of 10,000,000 KSH is won only if the player makes the right predictions about 17 selected games. And to make these ChezaCash predictions, players need to take into account odds as well as other statistics. For example, how well the team has been performing lately, or what is the usual result when the two teams met in the past. 

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus

ChezaCash Jackpot Predictions

Last modified: 2021-12-02 01:20:07 UTC+ 0
Yield: 10%
AC Milan vs Liverpool
Champions League Grp. B
07/12 21:00
AC Milan 0.00 (AH)
This is last round match of group phase in Champions League. AC Milan is with a big confidence ahead of this clash, and this is a must win game for home team, so for me this odd offered on DNB 1 is worth...
Yield: 10%
Ludogorets Razgrad vs FC Midtjylland
Europa League Grp. F
09/12 21:00
FC Midtjylland to win
This is last round match in group phase of Europa League. Midtjylland is in a very good position, after a probably crucial victory in previous round vs Braga, and now they must beat Ludogorets in order...
Yield: 10%
Bayern Munich vs Barcelona
Champions League Grp. E
08/12 21:00
Barcelona +1.00 (AH)
This is last round match group phase, and basically a must win game for Barcelona, in battle for knockout phase of Champions League. Bayern Munchen already secured first place on the table in this group,...
Yield: 10%
Salzburg vs Sevilla
Champions League Grp. G
08/12 21:00
Sevilla 0.00 (AH)
This is decisive clash in battle for knockout phase of Champions League. Salzburg is very strong on home ground, but they are out of form these days, went scoreless in two games in a row. On the other...
Yield: 10%
West Ham vs Chelsea
Premier League
04/12 13:30
Chelsea to win
One of the most interesting 15th round matches this weekend in Premier League, will be a clash on Olympic Stadium in London, between West Ham and Chelsea. West Ham is having a very successful season...

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus: Our Verdict

The ChezaCash Jackpot bonus offers are very reasonable. They have a relatively low cost of entry and not many complicated rules. Additionally, the prizes are quite high despite some of the jackpots not being extremely difficult.

Fortunately, there are some Jackpot bonuses to tip the scale. We found that the bonuses were not incredibly helpful, but they do make the jackpots more attractive. They improve the odds of winning hundreds of thousands of KES a little.

ChezaCash Jackpot Bonus FAQs

Does the ChezaCash Jackpot Have Bonuses?

Yes. Not all the jackpots have bonuses, but a couple of them do. The Lucky Goals jackpot has a small bonus of 3 Free games every day. Punters can place three bets for free before they have to pay the KES 20.00 deposit.

The Mega Jackpot also has a bonus. Punters can get double chances on up to 7 fixtures or predictions. If they weren’t sure if a game would be a draw or a loss, they can choose both instead of just one!

Who Are ChezaCash Jackpot Winners?

The ChezaCash Jackpot winners are players who were able to accurately predict all the results. That means they correctly predicted all 17, 12 or 10 matches. It could be luck, but sometimes it is also a result of someone’s prediction skills.

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