Betin Kenya Promo Code 2018

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Betin Kenya Promo Code 2018

As a local you might have seen so many advertisements on TV and newspapers about different betting sites claiming to be trustworthy or calling themselves the best in the market. In this review we will get to look at Betin Kenya, what promotions they offer their customers and whether they are the best in the country.

Betin Kenya is an affiliate of the GoldBet Group – a large European gaming company with hundreds of retail betting shops in addition to an online platform. One of the features that stand out in this site is its use of the MAXBONUS Betin Kenya promo code 2018. This promotion code allows Kenyans to earn a maximum bonus of up to 50 percent of the value of their winnings. No other online betting site locally, currently has this kind of offer.

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Betin Kenya Bonus Info

Betin Kenya Promotion Code bonus

Promo categoryOffer requirements
betin kenya promotion code:MAXBONUS
maximum bonus:500 000 KSh
min. bonus:50 KSh
№ of required events on a bet slip:5-14
min. odds on events:1.20
free money bonus10 KSh daily
how to claim 10/- free?deposit 99,- with MPESA

50% bonus and 10 KSh free

If you are wondering how to claim 50% bonus on your bets and 10 shillings every day, you have to read this part thoroughly!\

How to get free 10 KSh

For the Free 10/- daily, you need to deposit 99/- daily. Every day you create a deposit of precisely 99 KSh using the MPESA and the Paybill number (997270). It is as easy as that! The other things you need to remember is:

  • if you pay more or less than 99/-, you won’t get the 10/- free cash
  • only the first deposit of the day is awarding you with the free 10 shillings
  • you can deposit as often as you can – there is no continuance needed – you will get the free money every time you deposit.

How to get the 50% bonus

To get the 50% bonus you are going to have to try a bit harder. The bonus is available for multiple bets and depends on the number of events on one bet slip. 5 selections are 5% bonus, 6 events are 10%, 7 – 15%… 14 or more events on one bet slip guarantee 50% higher winnings!


Registration on the Betin Kenya is very straightforward. You just have to key in your personal details and to enter your phone number. All these details are used for identification if there is a need for contacting customer support. Furthermore, you don’t want to win the jackpot and end up not getting the millions just because you keyed in fake details. Do not forget to enter the Betin promo code MAXBONUS at the bottom of the registration page, in the special field marked “Promotion code”.


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Betin Kenya Sports Markets
This company has thousands of betting markets that will surely interest you. The Betin Kenya promo code will allow you to maximize your profits when you place your bets on EPL, Bundesliga and other events in different sporting fields.

How to Participate in the Promotion
Using the MAXBONUS promo code you could win thousands of shillings on multibets. To get the free money, all you need to do is to fully register on the website and place a bet of between fifty and half a million shillings (50 – 500 000 KSh). And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get 10 KSh free every day!


The Betin Kenya website is one on of the safest and most trusted websites in Kenya. You do not have to worry about losing your money to fraudsters. This is because the company is fully incorporated in Kenya and it is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (the BCLB), which makes sure that the entire betting process is fair and secure. Furthermore, the website itself is protected by a multi-level encryption software that provides extra levels of safety compared to other online betting sites, making sure that no one can steal and use your personal details for any other purpose.

The betting terms and conditions

Winning free cash on Betin Kenya is a pretty simple and straightforward affair. To participate in this promotion, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you can only win free cash by staking your money on a multibet of at least 5 events. In other words, single bets are not eligible. This is likely an attempt to make the winning process a little bit challenging, but still, the bonus cash is quite winnable. Second, to win more money you need to add more games to your betting slip.


The company has made the competition in such a way that you can choose the level of difficulty (the number of events), which in turn determines the amount of money you can win. The more games you add to your betting slip, the higher the amount of money you can possibly win. Third, realize that the minimum amount of money you can stake, for the bonus multibet is 50 shillings. Thus, even when you don’t have a lot of money, you can still win the Betin Kenya bonus. If you are sure with the games you have selected for your multibet, you could stake even more money to win higher amounts of money. The key thing to note, is that there are two ways to increase the amount of money you can win using the Betin Kenya promo code 2018; the first way is by increasing the number of games on your betting slip and the second way is by increasing your stake. Thus, as you have seen winning on the Betin Kenya website is not that complicated. All you have to do is to follow these instructions and you will win big on the site.

Tips on winning more at Betin Kenya

Make sure that during the registration process, you only enter details that are true. Entering fraudulent details will make it impossible for you to withdraw any money in case you are asked to verify your details (which will happen when you win big amounts of cash). Also make sure that you enter the Betin Kenya promotional code, “MAXBONUS”, during the registration process. This is the only way that you will make yourself eligible to win free money.


Betin Kenya mobile betting

Not many sports betting companies have mobile betting websites that are as simplified and as functional as the Betin Kenya website. After opening the site on your mobile, you will find everything you want from registration to customer case contacts. You will not only be able to place Betin Kenya Promo code bonus multibets, but also jackpot beets and other kinds of bets. You can also view results and follow game proceedings from the comfort of your phone.

In conclusion, the Betin Promo code 2018 is one of the best in the country; all you need to do is register on the site and make a deposit. After making the deposit, you have to place a multibet (5 selections or more) of at least 50 shillings. This will make you eligible for the bonus. The process of winning this bonus or increasing your winnings is pretty simple and straightforward. The site also offers a wide variety of betting markets that you can explore to increase your chances of winning more money. Thus, with regards to betting promotions, this is definitely the best online betting site in Kenya.

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