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Betting Promo Codes - the origin

For many decades, quite a number of wealthy and influential Kenyans have been playing at casinos and betting on horse races at Nairobi’s Ngong racecourse. For those decades, many viewed betting as a preserve for the rich.

However, with the spread of the internet came online sports betting. The internet has enabled millions of Kenyans to have access to a wide variety of services that were previously only accessible to a few. Many Kenyans have joined the established international betting sites courtesy of increased connectivity. Local online betting websites have also emerged and have now started raking in more profits than the international ones.



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With the increase in competition, sites have started offering betting promo codes to make sure that they remain more attractive to users. In the same spirit, others have started offering sports betting bonuses to get ahead of their competitors.

With all these international and local betting sites angling for your attention it might be difficult to know which site to place a bet on. Here, we will show you the both local and international sites that are leading the pack in the industry, in terms of promotion codes and bonuses.

In the Kenyan gaming industry, one of the most important stakeholders is the BCLB (Betting Control and Licensing Board). This is the government regulator that ensures every betting company’s operations are above board. Furthermore, companies that have been licensed by the board have been evaluated and certified as having met stringent financial and regulatory requirements. Therefore, if a company is licensed by the BCLB, you can rest assured that your money is safe, and no one is doing some ‘funny’ business with the odds or any other betting operations. The BCLB regards sports betting as a game of skill i.e. the individual with the most knowledge is most likely to win. We also think of sports betting in the same way and what we would like to do on this site is to point you in the right direction, so that your could maximize your winnings. This article first lists local and then international sites that Kenyans have had quite a good run making money on. All the betting bonuses and promotion codes you need to know about are also listed within the reviews.

There are various ways that you can use to know which online betting sites present the best value for you. Some of the most important ones are: markets offered; promotion codes and bonuses; best odds; website usability; customer services; deposit and withdrawal options; and in-play betting (live betting). Although we will be focusing on betting promo codes, these factors will also be considered in reviewing the best betting websites. Therefore, it is important first to know something about the before we start.

Markets offered

It is obvious that sports betting is the most popular form of betting in Kenya and almost everywhere else in the world. Many sites offer football betting markets because after all football is one of the most widely played sports in the world and it is also one of the most understandable ones. Many usually place a bet on the only three outcomes possible in a bet and those are either a team wins, or draws or loses a game. However, many don’t know that there are dozens of other outcomes or events that they could place a bet on within a football match. For example, many Kenyan sites now allow you to bet on: Who would score the first goal? What would be the outcome in the first half? How many corners would a team concede? How many goals will be scored in the match? And many other such like events. Apart from football, you could also place a bet on athletic events, rugby, tennis, elections, horse racing and almost any other professional sporting event in the world.

Betting Promo Codes and Betting Bonuses

Before the emergence of Kenyan betting sites, all that Kenyan bettors wanted was to be allowed to simply place bets on international sites. And then with the emergence of local sites, many became quite happy that they could place bets on local sites using local mobile wallets. But things have changed even further; it’s no longer important for an online betting company to simply allow Kenyans to be users. Kenyan bettors are looking for something extra. People from all over the country are asking themselves what else betting companies offer. And most of the time the answer comes in the form of betting bonuses and promo codes. Even before registering on sport betting websites it would be crucial to visit sites like ours so as to get the latest promotion codes to maximize your earnings. These promo codes would make you eligible for different kinds of promos, offers, free bets and many other kinds of offers. Promos provide extra value that should not be missed.

The rest of the factors used in reviewing betting websites will be explained within the site reviews. So, let’s get started.

Betin Kenya

Among all the Kenyan online sports betting sites, none offers a better bonus than the Betin Kenya sports site. Previously known as GoldBet Kenya, the website has been in existence for a couple of years now with a steadily growing customer base. This company is duly registered and regulated by the BCLB, meaning that all its business is perfectly legal. Furthermore, Betin Kenya’s parent company (GoldBet Group) is one of the online and retail betting companies in Europe with decades of experience in the gaming industry. This affiliation is one of the reasons why Betin Kenya has succeeded in making an impression in the gaming industry because the company has incorporated some of the best practices and standards from the GoldBet Group. And one of those practices is constantly rewarding both new and existing customers with bonuses. Another best standard would be the simple and easy to use website.


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Signing up on this site is very easy, and it will only take you a few minutes to complete the process. On the signup page, you will be required to enter a few personal details such as your name and phone number. At the bottom of the signup page, there is a special field marked Promotion Code. In this field enter the code “MAXBONUS”. Entering in this promotional code will instantly make you eligible to access exclusive offers such as best odds on various markets around the world. You might think that the small variations between odds on different sites are not that good, but you will be surprised at the power of the small differences especially when placing a multibet; where the single odds will be multiplied to arrive at a final value that will be taken as the odds for those multiple events to occur. Thus, in the small variations between odds on different betting sites could mean much more money for you if you are careful with them. Also, remember that failure to enter this promotional code will deny you access to the exclusive offers attached to this particular betting promo code.
This bonus offer sets this company apart from other Kenyan betting firms. This is because this code allows you to earn up to 50% of the value of your potential wins. The requirements for qualifying for this 50% bonus are very simple. You must meet only three conditions in the process. First, you must be a duly registered Betin Kenya user, the key to this is entering the correct details during the registration process. Second, you must key in “MAXBONUS” in the special field marked Promotion Code, this is the only way you will qualify for the reward. Lastly, you must make a deposit of between fifty and half a million shillings to qualify for the bet.

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Formerly known as Royal Kenya Bets, this company has joined forces with a leading UK betting company (Betway; West Ham United shirt sponsors) and it now offers its customers much more than it previously used to. Apart from the credibility that comes from this affiliation, the company has also adopted some of the best practices from its UK partner. For instance, Betway Kenya now offers its users better odds and more markets than it used to. One of features that makes this company stand out, is its easy-to-use website, that has made quicker to bet on this company.
Web usability is one of the few factors that experienced bettors look out for, when seeking new online betting sites. It is important to seek out betting websites that are simplified and allow you to view markets and place bets using the simplest procedures. On the Betway Kenya website, you can easily look at the different events available and quickly place a bet on one of them without having to click around for a while.
However, there are a few things you should know before registering on this site. First of all, you should know that you are only allowed to withdraw your money at certain times during the day. Also the company does not allow its users to withdraw their money on Sundays. However, apart from these two issues, this company is definitely a must-try especially for users who prefer simplicity (the website) over anything else.
The parent company of Betway Kenya is known for its interesting codes and betting bonuses. Apart from placing usual bets, you could also place a bet on lucky numbers where you could stand a chance to win thousands of shillings. The company also has a jackpot that you could participate in to become a millionaire. The Betway Kenya jackpot has fewer events making it much easier to win.
The only betting bonus offered by this company is the ‘refer a friend’ promotion. To participate in this promotion, you simply have to sign up and place at least one bet on the site; doing this will make you eligible for the betting bonus. Once you have registered on the site, you can then invite a friend, a partner or a spouse by filling in their phone number on the submission page. If you do this, a text containing a special link, will be sent to your friend inviting them to sign up on the site. If the person registers and places at least one bet, you will be given a betting bonus of 50 shillings that you can use to win more money.

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This is undoubtedly one of the leading sports betting firms in Kenya. This company was one of the pioneers of online betting in the country and has been around for quite some time. The site is trusted by many Kenyans. In the last three years that the company has been operating in the country, it has announced dozens of Kenyans as winners of its weekly jackpot games. The jackpot promotion
is one of the many factors that attract thousands of users to register on this site. SportPesa also offers its registered users dozens of betting markets in various betting markets such as local and European football leagues among others. The company is also the sponsor of the Kenyan Premier League and Gor Mahia football club. If they can sponsor this the league and Kenya’s biggest club, then you can rest assured that they have the financial stability to be around for many years. Furthermore, SportPesa is registered by the BCLB.


With regards to betting bonuses, there are two main bonuses that you could earn in this company; i.e. the Jackpot bet bonus and the Rafiki bonus. Of the two bonuses, the one that you are likely familiar with is the Jackpot bet bonus. Each and every week, this betting operator offers its customers a chance to win millions of shillings. To win the jackpot millions, you simply have to predict the outcome of thirteen events (usually football games), and if all your predictions are correct you could be the lucky winner of millions of shillings. However, if you are not that lucky and you end up predicting only twelve, eleven or ten games then the SportPesa will reward you with some free cash that you can withdraw straight to your MPESA account. The other betting bonus available on this site is the Rafiki bonus. This one is easier to earn since you don’t require any special skills. All you need to do is to register on the site and bet on at least one event (this will cost you a minimum of 100 Kenya shillings). Then invite friends to join Sportpesa by asking them to send this message: ACCEPT#(your phone number), to 79079. The moment your friends do that and bet on event on the site, your account will be credited with a betting bonus of 100 shillings. But remember you will only earn this bonus cash if your friend had not already registered on SportPesa.
The value of the amount of money that you will win is unknown, but it is based on the number of users who correctly predicted ten, eleven, twelve or all the games. Thus, you see why Sportpesa is popular among many Kenyan youths. You too can maximize your earnings by registering on this site and enjoying its online betting bonuses.

International Online Sports Betting promo codes

Most of the Kenyan online betting sites have only been in existence for less than five years. However, they have been able to capture the market of the attention. In fact, the majority of Kenyans bet on the local sites. However, quite a number of Kenyans have registered on international betting sites, and they are making it big out there. There are several advantages that international sites offer that local sites do not. For instance, international sites with millions of users are able to offer better odds than local sites because they can pay out the larger amounts of money. The customer service on the international markets is also way better than what some of the local sites are offering. Here are some of the best international sites to place a bet on:


This is one of the most sought setting operators in the country and internationally. The company which was founded in 1999 is one of the best in terms of the promotion codes offers they give to their new and existing customers. The over 14 million users on that trust this platform could not be wrong. The company offers competitive odds for various betting markets. One of the most interesting markets for Kenyans on this site is the Kenya Premier League. Other markets that will surely interest you include English Premier League games and other major global sporting events such as horse racing, rugby, and athletics. Bet9ja accepts deposits in various currencies including British Pounds and U.S. dollars and they also accept a wide variety of online wallets such as PayPal, ATM cards, Skrill and Neteller, which are popular with many Kenyans. One of the other major factors that attract hundreds of thousands of users to Bet9ja is their live-betting system. In this system, you can place bets even after events have started. Compared to other sites, the Bet39ja website is more visually appealing and much simpler to navigate.

Quite a number of Kenyan pundits have registered on the Bet9ja sports betting website owing to its interesting 100% first-deposit bonus. To claim this bonus one has to register on the site and deposit any amount above 10 dollars. Upon registration, the company will email you a special code which ends in “NCDBP”. Regardless of the amount you put in, the bonus is capped at 100 dollars. Meaning if you deposit 200 hundred dollars you will not get a 200 dollar betting bonus, but a 100 dollar bonus.
When you receive the code, login to your account and click the menu and then click on offers and key in your unique code. You will be awarded with a cash amount depending on the amount of money you deposited in the first place. However, this cash amount can only be used for betting (it is non-withdrawable). Still, once you have placed bets worth 300% of the total of your deposit and bonus, you will able to withdraw your savings straight to your bank account.


Betfair is definitely one of the top betting sites both in the U.K. and Internationally. The company is known for its excellent customer service and relatively high odds for the majority of popular betting markets such as EPL, Ligue 1 and La Liga. Signing up on this site also allows you to bet on several other betting market such as horse racing, tennis, and boxing. Betfair has one of the best promotion offers in the gaming industry. In the promotion if you place a bet worth more than ten British Pounds in your first stake you will be rewarded with 30 British Pounds in free bets. This is one of the reasons why Kenyans have joined this site in droves.

To get this betting bonus all you have to do is sign up on the website and you will be on their way to winning free money. When signing up make sure you use the following betting promo code “ZSK200”. Then place a bet (a minimum stake of 10 pounds) on a single event with odds higher than 1.2 within the first month of opening your Betfair account. Within a day of placing such a bet, your account will be credited with 30 pounds in three tokens each worth 10 pounds. However, keep in mind that the free bets must be used within thirty days of being credited to your account, and they can only be staked on games with odds higher than 1.2.


This operator has been around for over a century, and it is one of the most trusted retail and online betting companies in the world. They are a favorite with many international pundits, and that is not without reason. Having interacted with customers for over a century, they have effectively mastered the art of customer support for all their customers. They not only pay every winning as stipulated in their terms and conditions but they can also wire the money straight to your bank account. They have some of the best odds in the market. The company’s price alerts service has made betting easier to bet on this site compared to others. Ladbrokes offers a wide variety of markets such as football, golf, horse racing, tennis and other interesting sports betting events.

One of the key features that attract bettors to Ladbrokes is its promotion codes. New Ladbrokes customers can access up to 50 pounds matched betting bonus. And the process of getting this bonus is very simple. You just have to key in the required details during the registration process and enter the betting promo code “F50” during the registration process. Once you have done that, place a bet on a single event (a minimum stake of 10 pounds), and the company will match your bet with up to 50 pounds.
Though the process is quite simple, there are several things that you ought to keep in mind during the signup process. First, is that during the sign-up process make sure you key in the right code, failure to do so will mean that you won’t be eligible for the sport betting bonus. The second thing is that once your account has been credited with the free betting bonus, make sure to use it within one week or else it will no longer be valid. Lastly, you will only be awarded a free bet if you place a bet on an event that has minimum odds of ½. The minimum odd may not be as low as it is on many other online betting sites, but you should remember that it is only on a single event, in contrast to most sites which have lower odds but require you to place to bet on multiple events to be eligible for their bonuses.

Bwin sports

Since 1999 Bwin has been offering betting services to people from all over the world. Kenyans also have a chance to register and become users on this operator. Bwin became much more popular when it became the shirt sponsor of Real Madrid. The company has now expanded and offers betting markets across thirty different professional sports markets, from football to Rugby, handball, baseball, formula 1, Basketball, tennis and football. Whatever professional sports event you are looking for anywhere in the world, you are likely to find it here. One of the features that have attracted quite a significant portion of the over a million customers on this site is the company’s lucrative promo offers.


Of its many lucrative betting promo codes, none of them is much more interesting than the Cash Out and PROTEKTOR betting promos. For the cash out option, Bwin allows you to withdraw your money either before the game starts or even in the middle of sporting events. With this promotion, you could quickly cut your losses and optimize your winnings in the long run. All you need to do is to click on the bet and check whether it is available for cash out. As for the PROTEKTOR promotion, all you have to do is to place a multibet and pay a small amount of money for certain games that you would wish to protect. Thus, you will still win if any of the ‘protected’ results do not go your way. The two promotions are some of the reasons why many people trust Bwin with their bets. Thus, if you are a cautious gambler, Bwin is the online betting site for you. You can also live stream over 16,000 different markets and place in-play bets on Bwin. Which other operators in Europe or elsewhere in the world, will offer you a cash-out and bet protection options, none.

888 sport

This online betting site is one of the most dynamic and interesting sports betting websites that you could register and win money on as a Kenyan bettor. It features thousands of live and pre-match betting markets that could place a bet on. As Kenyan you might have been looking for a trusted website that will handle all technical stuff behind the bets and let you simply place bets, then this would be the best site for you. 888sport is owned by 888 Holdings which is listed at the LSE (London Stock Exchange). Nothing lends more credibility than this. The company also has an interesting and easy-to-use mobile app that could come in handy especially when betting on the go.


Apart from live betting events, you could also visit the company’s daily betting promo codes page and see how you could double or even triple your earnings. And that’s not all the company also has the best odds in many of the markets on offer. Furthermore, you could bet on almost anything on this site from football, tennis, golf, horse racing and many other different kinds of markets. The registration process is also quite easy to complete, and you can rest assured that all the personal details you give on this site will be kept safe and secure.
888sports also has one of the most amazing betting bonuses on the market. The site will treble the odds on your first single bet (up to a maximum of 10 British Pounds!). For instance, if we take the upper limit and assume that you place a 10 Pound bonus on an event with odds of 10/1, and you win on that event, then 888sports will pay you as if you at 30/1 increasing your winnings by 200 British Pounds. Also, using this code “888TV PROMO” when placing a bet of 20 British Pounds will earn you 10 British Pounds.
However, this company, like many other betting operators, also has some conditions attached to its treble the odds promotion. The first condition is that the minimum amount of deposit money that is eligible for this promotion is five British Pounds. Second, the bonus money that your account will be credited with will be in the form of tokens that are non-withdrawable. However, do not worry as you can use these tokens to bet and win real money.

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